UPDATE: We're planning our next trip to Peru! On this expedition, we will be exposing high profile leaders to Shamanic rituals, as well as several military veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, to document their experience and share their insight. Help us fund this important research project by donating! Give today!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help everyone become a member of the True Reality Society. Join us on this incredible journey of discovery and enlightenment.

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Zappy Zapolin & Deepak Chopra
in the upcoming documentary, The Reality of Truth

Media Projects

We support media and film projects which investigate and explore aspects of consciousness, transcending and alternate states of the human experience.

The first documentary, the Reality of Truth, which features Deepak Chopra, Dr. John Hagelin, Joel Osteen, Marianne Williamson, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Foster Gamble, Michelle Rodriguez, Ram Dass, Marcus and Joni Lamb, Mark Victor Hansen, is currently in production. LEARN MORE


We support programs that enable individuals to evolve their consciousness, including meditation, breathing techniques and scientific research on the healing effects of natural plants.

Our first project is the promotion of Transcendental Meditation by creating and funding a SUPERBOWL advertisement which will air to millions of people! Join us in our fundraising efforts! LEARN MORE

True Reality Society Member, Michelle Rodriguez,
in a Shamanistic Ceremony

We continue to connect high profile leaders with Shaman so they can have the direct experience of transformation and share their insight.

True Reality Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Donations are fully tax deductible. 
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Illustration of the Peace Laser in Action

Long Term Projects - Peace Initiatives

True Reality Society are the founders and promoters of the Peace Laser and the Peace Army, which promotes expanded consciousness to bring about world peace. We are currently developing and perfecting a "Peace Laser" that can counteract a violent individual with a beam of the exact opposite energy, which neutralizes them and causes them to transcend. LEARN MORE